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The Network for Justice is a project of the Future of Latinos in the United States: Law, Opportunity, and Mobility, a nation-wide, interdisciplinary research initiative of the  American Bar Foundation devoted to understanding the current condition of Latinos in the United States, the structural barriers that impede full equality and integration for this emerging population, and the sites of intervention that promise to be most impactful in promoting opportunity and mobility through law and policy. The project is a forward-looking one with a mission of ensuring the flourishing of the Latino population as a means of safeguarding the well-being of our communities, the strength of our economy, and the representativeness of our democracy. We are committed to research that will make a difference: Our aim is to generate findings that can be converted into concrete recommendations for reform that can be readily utilized by organizations and individuals to effect change.

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In the late 1940s and 1950s, African Americans launched a campaign that would transform civil rights in America. At the core of this effort was Howard University School of Law, which played a seminal part in training the lawyers who would lead the movement, developing strategies for a civil rights campaign in the courts, and monitoring the progress that was being made. Howard was able to play this role in the quest for equality because it attracted the best and the brightest black youth and scholars from around the country. Today, as our nation confronts levels of inequality unprecedented since the Gilded Age, we find ourselves at the precipice of a new civil rights moment. Yet, as we experience a new era of civil rights, there are few spaces that cultivate this type of legal and legislative leadership. The lack of any law school that can play this role is a special burden for the emerging Latino population, which is projected to account for nearly one out of three people in America by 2050.


The incentive to join The Network for Justice can be found in the ability to connect to a network of like-minded Latinx who are committed to social justice. By logging on, one can gain access to research, white papers, legal briefs, and an online community of peers. The Network is set up to encourage interactivity between peers. Similar to other social media interfaces, network members will be able to post comments and message peers regarding network content.

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